Four reasons why your online startup needs Weebly

It has been just over a decade since three American University students co-founded Weebly with it’s headquarters in San Francisco. The intention was make it possible for even a layman to build a website for personal use. Since then Weebly has made rapid progress and today a user can create even a blog or kick off their business venture using this very software.

And not surprisingly it is estimated by the people at Weebly that close to about 30 million people globally are making use of this software to come up with customised business portals. So what is it that makes this software tick? Here is a look at some unique features that makes Weebly such a handy tool for one and all.

weebly original plans
weebly original plans

Weebly is easy

The UI (user interface) that you will come across on Weebly is as uncomplicated as it can get. For starters there is nothing technical about it. There are hundreds of templates already available to choose from with even a CSS module thrown in so that you can edit the chosen template. Pick what you like to get going. And thanks to the drag and drop feature of the Weebly software users can incorporate text, images, videos and any other elements to their website without too much of a hassle, no hassles in fact. On most WordPress sites you will need to buy & download plugins for the various features to work but in the case of Weebly there is no such need.

Weebly is free (Also has paid plans)

When you approach a web designer for getting your business portal ready it can be a tad expensive especially if you want high quality content and lots of graphic intensive applications added to the mix. Also most of these companies offer domain & hosting as part of a package when you hire them to create your website. For new ventures (read startups) who would like to start in a small way and scale up once money starts to flow in, Weebly is a better option. With Weebly you can be up and running with a basic website without having to shell out any money. Once you are ready to upgrade there are several plans (starting from as less as $4 per month) to choose from. The choice is all yours.

Weebly is fast

When it comes to running a successful business in today’s world time is of the essence and it is as good as money. One of the great features of Weebly is that it allows a user to get things off the ground in almost no time. Once you sign up with Weebly and have used the intuitive drag and drop feature to create a website that is to your liking you can launch it immediately. And as long as you are not adding too many elements to the mix this whole process should not take you anymore than an hour or two. That is how quick you can get things done on Weebly.

Weebly gives you options

If you are an online store Weebly has an attractive and feasible ecommerce plan that will suit your needs. For the convenience of those building a site from scratch there are info buttons all over the portal that tell you how to go about things. If you choose them as your web host there is no limit set on the number of pages or even the amount of storage space available. Since the sites they host are optimised you will always experience fast load speeds. That they install SSL on your site makes it quite secure. And just in case you get stuck at some point or if something does not go to plan you have customer support ready to assist you.

Weebly is one single solution, for your entire web E-commerce startup, which includes web hosting, design, payment gateway and much more. No need to buy any solution or service other than weebly service.

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discounted price by aapta on weebly services

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