Four must use legal tools for every entrepreneurs

Running a startup is a hands-on job and one that will require your undivided attention. For long hours. And long periods of time. Planning every small detail, running promotional campaigns, launching a product, expanding & diversifying – there is a lot to deal with. In all this many entrepreneurs tend to ignore the legal ramifications of running such a show. Considering that companies do outsource work to third party developers & content writers, intellectual property theft is a real and present danger. Then there is the distinct possibility of sensitive customer information falling into the wrong hands and consequently being misused even. If the startup happens to have more than one owner, roles & responsibilities must be clearly defined & adhered to. Similarly when a website has links to affiliated companies and third party vendors the terms of this association must be explicitly spelt out. Enumerated below are four handy tools that will help startups negotiate all legal hurdles easily.

1. (website) for easy contract management - for startups for easy contract management – for startups

Legal contracts are a cumbersome but inevitable part of every business. They are usually subject to the nature of business and though broadly these contracts are the same there will be certain terms and conditions specific to a business that will need to be clearly spelt out in these contracts. But legal terminology can be complicated and difficult to comprehend at times and most times businesses tend to depend on legal experts to do the needful. offers several options designed at making contracts simpler while customising them according to your requirements. In that sense it is a more collaborative tool that is cloud based allowing all concerned parties to be on the same page. By sharing the contract digitally you end up saving considerable time that would otherwise have been spent on emailing everyone.

You will be constantly kept abreast of any changes or updates made to a contract leaving no scope for confusion or a need for clarification. You can set permissions for those who are able to create, view, edit and approve these contract in real time. The user interface is kept fairly uncomplicated to facilitate the whole process. Electronic signatures allow a business owner to view and approve any changes made remotely with ease. Adding files, documents or schedules to the contract at any given point is easy. Integrating the contract with various applications has been made seamless thereby ensuring that workflow is fast and efficient. But always. Strongly encrypted e-signatures make these contracts very secure with even the option to track updates as and when they are made.

2. (Website) for legal agreements - for startups for legal agreements – for startups

The confidentiality of customer information is paramount to a business. As it is users are reluctant to divulge their personal details and even more so if the business concerned happens to be a relatively unknown entity. This makes it necessary for entrepreneurs to let users know why this information is required, ways in which this information is collected and what is done with all the data gathered. In other words privacy policy assures your users that you have done all that is legally possible to safeguard the privacy of the information they provide. Now this can be a tricky affair because a small slip-up in the Privacy Policy can mean having to face legal action and lose credibility. Termsfeed makes all this very simple thanks to it’s Privacy Policy generator which saves you time and effort both.

But before these are generated, The Termsfeed tool needs you to answer a few queries related to the nature of your business. The Privacy Policy is not the only agreement that Termsfeed is able to generate for customers and among other legal forms count terms of use, disclaimers and refund & return policy. For those startups who cannot afford to pay a hefty fee to legal expert to thrash out such legal documents Termsfeed works quite well where a simple Privacy Policy form can be generated and used for free. Also this saves considerable time as opposed to getting the same done by a person from a legal background. It is available for a wide range of clauses including everything from Mobile Apps to desktop Apps and of course, websites.

3. (website) for all legal services - best legal marketplace for startups for all legal services – best legal marketplace for startups

Legal tools do have great utility value for startups but at the same time it must be said that it is always good to be able to talk to an actual person. Or at least have the option to. Where one can consult a legal expert who is easily accessible and can be trusted with, to give the right advice. Lawtrades is not unlike an online directory of lawyers and attorney who are just a phone call, message or email away. The one reason that many businesses and even people in general are wary of approaching lawyers without a reference is that things can get expensive. And of course there is the trust factor as well. With Lawtrade a user get to sift through the profiles of various lawyers to get a clear idea of how much the consultation is likely to cost. No unexpected surprises, Ever.

If you prefer a lawyer from a particular region and speaking a specific language, that is also on the cards with Lawtrades. Also lawyers are busy people and if you are in a hurry to get something sorted out Lawtrades gives you the option of taking prior appointments. Users can securely send any documents relevant to the case online without having to physically meet up with the lawyers. Again saving time. Lawyers can update their profiles with Lawtrades for free and the leads that they get are well qualified as clients calling in need to confirm their contact information on the site at the outset.

4. (website) – AKA - for Business & Legal Document Templates – for Business & Legal Document Templates

Many times startups are constrained for resources. Not just in monetary terms but even time can be of the essence. If you are in a rush to get things done without glossing over matters that are critical to your business it is not easy to accomplish. Same goes for legal matters concerning your business where it would be great if you had one single point of contact from where you could get it all. And that place is Biztree. In fact Biztree has a plethora of professional templates designed to take care of all areas related to your business, not merely the legal part of it. Which is why it is also referred to as Business-in-a-box as well.

From hiring employees to terminating them, human resource management, finance and accounting to marketing and advertising you have a ready-to-use template covering all aspects. The comprehensive legal forms available on Biztree is just the icing. All types of documents and files in all possible formats are easily accessible in a virtual library of business templates that the Biztree is. It is actually possible to use Biztree forms and templates in an orderly fashion to steer your business in the right direction. Every step of the way. Whatever be the terms & conditions that you want to put down on paper can be done effortlessly and making changes to them as and when required is as uncomplicated. Biztree aims at making business easy as can be.

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