How to enter the Real Estate market with investments < $5000

Many of us have an impression that substantial capital is required in order to venture into business. It is not entirely wrong and while it would be great to have deep pockets when starting a business venture, this new generation of entrepreneurs have shown us that it is perfectly possible to start with less. And work your way up. In fact there are several businesses out there that are doing pretty well for themselves without splurging on an opulent office space. Or hiring too many employees. What they do have is an impressive website and their portal is really their calling card. This can hold true for all those wanting to enter the business of real estate even. It is possible for you to make a small albeit smart investment into a website that will kick things off quite nicely.

Extensive Turnkey WordPress Solution For Real Estate Website

In this very regard Realtyna can prove to be an excellent web solution (based on WORDPRESS) for your real estate business. Started ten years ago Realtyna is an online portal packed with realty related web applications that are all very affordable. These applications are packed with a bunch of features designed to make it easy to run your online business. Users have a choice between WordPress and Joomla, both of which are content management systems that are totally free too. And you can choose the platform that suits your business the most. To make your real estate website more interactive and responsive Realtyna also gives you access to several add-ons. These can be integrated to your site seamlessly as and when you need them. In addition all the Applications and add-ons are regularly updated. To make your Webmaster’s life easier Realtyna gives you the option of doing all these updates with just one click.

There are other pluses to the Realtyna. With a clientele list that spans many countries all over the world Realtyna can cater to all the unique requirements that a business has. These might be region, language and culture specific. Realtyna offers users a comprehensive Software Suite that addresses all real estate related concerns that any entrepreneur might have. Be it website CMS or property listing or even the CRM. The Realtyna site connects users with the Joomla community that means getting to choose from hundreds even thousands of website templates, modules and related components for their portal. The other striking difference with the CRM that Realtyna has to offer is that unlike other CRMs that are based solely on contacts this one factors in contacts & properties too.

It is important to note a few things that are common to all these add-ons. The payment that you make is usually a one time fee. No recurring payments, no subscription model, no additional hidden charges. Once you have bought the add-on the folks at Realtyna will do the installation for you as a complimentary service. Also you can avail an year of free support for help with any issues regarding compatibility & updates. The license to use these add-ons will a lifetime license as are the updates for the add-ons. All this is completely safe and secure too. Listed below are some add-ons that a real estate website must and should have in it’s repertoire. Remember to understand the features of each add-on fully before opting for them. Unwanted add-ons only clutter your website.


optimizer addon for realtyna
optimizer addon for realtyna

It does not matter what type of business, real estate or ecommerce, big or small. If you have a website it better load fully, in a few seconds. At least that is what the analysis by some of the leading search engines tells us. The most successful online portals are the ones that do not take forever to open up the landing page (read Home Page) Chances are that a potential lead will perhaps refresh the page once and if the same happens again you can kiss goodbye to that lead. After all there is no dearth of options out there. Which is why this add-on from Realtyna should be a part of every real estate website that there is.

The culprit usually happens some image on the landing page that has not been optimised. Or a sluggish Javascript. The problem gets compounded further if the internet connection at the user end is also slow. What this add-on does is three things. One is the use of technology like interlacing which helps set the quality of these images at a level where loading of the page itself does not take a hit. As a result of employing this add-on the website will load twice as fast regardless of the internet speed at the user end. This add-on, available at a fairly low cost of $49 is worth considering it’s intrinsic merits.


This add-on might sound like a mouthful but what it is, is real handy. It comes with a theme that is custom made for real estate related websites. You might notice an icon that reads ‘Add listing’ once the add-on has been installed. All you need to do is click on it and sit back. This makes adding properties very simple. Permissions can be put in place to allow your team members & fellow employees to add them too. These listings can be multiple and categorised (for rent, sale, lease etc) in the order you deem fit necessary. Of course this also helps interested users to get to what they need faster.

A site admin can set different types of criteria that can be used to search for properties be it using city, state or even zip code. These search results can be made to be displayed on Google Maps if the need be. To save time that would otherwise be lost segregating them, the add-on automatically hide listings with incomplete information. Another interesting feature of this add-on is that these listings can be as easily shared on all your preferred social media platforms. No sweat. For any issues that you come across when you use this add-on there is a very useful KB (knowledge base) that can guide you in the right direction. If you are still stuck you have a support team that you can get in touch with. This add-on can be yours for a one time fee of $199.


One of the key elements of any real estate website is Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Using MLS it is possible to publish all information sourced from your provider on your website. Which makes it easy for any prospective buyers to view & compare all properties in one place. What makes this add-on from Realtyna the best is that it is a one time fee unlike similar options from other sites that involve monthly payments. The data that you source is yours and does not remain with the provider. So there is no worry of what will happen if the provider’s server goes down. That you hold the rights to all this critical data can only be good for the SEO of your website. And just in case you change service providers there is no worry of losing out on all that vital customer info. For this add-on the one time fee is of $950.


CRM addon for realtyna
CRM addon for realtyna

Gathering information about your potential leads and managing this contact information effectively is what makes any business work. Same goes for real estate related info which this CRM from Realtyna helps take care of. It is probably the most comprehensive of all the add-ons that Realtyna offers will help you convert more leads into sale. Once prospective buyers have searched for properties on your site they can use the interactive forms to provide their requirements and the best way to contact them. The add-on not just keeps a record of these needs but also makes follow up easy. An interactive calendar helps schedule tasks on priority basis. The CRM assigns these leads to respective employees for proper monitoring & follow up. Also the CRM makes it possible to customize these forms depending on a customer. Lead generation, management and follow up is all done efficiently thanks to this CRM.

The CRM has been kept user friendly which means that not only is it easy to setup but the interface is also easy to use. If there are certain properties that are bookmarked or saved searches on the database the CRM can be set to ensure periodic follow up. Login history of potential leads, reminders & alerts of important listings and requirement details can all be checked every now and then. A Webmaster or system administrator can also set clear permissions for employees so that you have control over who can access the customer data, who can edit it and who all can follow up with the leads. Priced at $1850 this CRM is ideal for a website that has a fairly large number of employees. If you are looking to start really small, there is a more basic CRM add-on available for $350

MOBILE APPS ( Buy Mobile Apps )

Realtyna Mobile Apps
Realtyna Mobile Apps

Nothing furthers your brand better than a customised mobile friendly App. If you have a logo for your real estate portal that can also find it’s way to the App. And as survey after survey shows most internet users spend hours every day on their favorite social media Apps rather than surfing the internet. So having your logo, vision statement and product details on this Android / IOS App can only mean more visibility for your company and the website. Then there is the option to direct traffic to your website by synchronising it with the App. The customer just needs to download the App to get things rolling. Though one does have a choice between an iOS App and an Android App it is always better to opt for the latter as it is more widely used and more popular outside the United States.

The App if designed stylishly and with a pleasing interface can draw enough eyeballs. On the App you can add many other features that include slideshow view of the properties, scroll and search for what you need quickly and easily, setting up filters to search and locate real estate, run location specific search for properties, create a veritable list of properties that you like, search for what you need on Maps plus getting a cluster map search option and many, many such features. If done right there is nothing like a custom App to work wonders for your real estate related website. Priced at $1299 this is one add-on (android) and IOS at $1499, that can help you strike gold in your line of business. As always it is important to remember that you will need to examine the need for such an add-on for your specific business.

It might be worthwhile to note that all these wonderful add-ons are good enough for you to start your real estate website in all earnestness. And they do not cost much either. In fact if you do the math they add up to less than $5000.

Third Party Theme supporting REALTYNA
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thirdparty theme for realtyna - wordpress theme
thirdparty theme for realtyna – wordpress theme


Fully Managed Hosting for REALTYNA websites

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